KuPun Moxa Burning Bowl: Large (5 Hole)


In stock


In stock

This special moxa burning bowl is designed for use with KuPun Moxa. (Uses 1″ x 0.25″ rigid Regular or Smokeless Sook moxa sticks with hollow center).

It is used for warming points or areas of the body with comfortable indirect moxa heat. This 5-hole size is used to treat larger areas. For single points, please use the 1-hole size.

The bowl features an insulating rubber base.

These KuPun Moxa burning bowls can be placed over one needle for enhanced needle warming. Treatment area must be horizontal for bowl to rest. Do not use on inclined surfaces of the body. Tape can be used to secure bowl to body.

Please note KuPun Moxa is sold separately from the Burning Bowls.

For key points and cautions about moxibustion please click here.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 18 mm
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