Laterality & AuriculomedIcine, by Lise Couture (English)


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In stock

By Lise Couture, DAc, ND.

Laterality is a big word used to describe the ability of a person to create an energetic system of solutions, when an unplanned event happens in life.

This book is a door opened into the world of silence where some children are labelled with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autistic tendencies, dys/laterality, bad behaviour and many other things.

These pages will open your intellectual intuition and your heart to understand the energetic systems of our earth vibrations.

This micro-book is full of real-life events experienced by people of different ages who felt dysfunctional in their daily life and were helped by the Alternative Medicine that is Auriculomedicine; with or without needles.

Following Dr. Paul Nogier’s wisdom, Lise Couture guides you to the heart and the cause of the problem so that you can feel the reality experienced by children on a path of learning to heal from a world in majority orgranized for the left-brain people.

You will find solutions along with a lot of love in reading this book.

Softcover, 115 pgs

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