Lectures on Tungs Acupuncture Therapeutic System


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By Dr Wei-Chieh Young.

The book focuses on the therapeutic system of Tung’s Acupuncture. Disorders covered in this book include therapeutic point selections and the analysis of reasoning and theoretical principles. The point selections are described according to the 14 meridians and explained in accordance with classical acupuncture and Master Young’s personal clinical experience. Master Young also compares the therapeutic effect between the applications of the 14-meridians and Tung’s acupuncture. All subjects are covered in depth and are clinically practical in scope. Thus it is not only a book on Tung’s therapeutic system, but also a practical book on therapeutics in the 14 meridians, allowing readers to choose either the 14 meridians or Tung’s acupuncture or a combination of both to treat clinical disease presentations.

Important theoretical principles such as Zang Fu Bei Tung (The extraordinary connections of the zangfu), Ti Ying Zhen Fa (Application of Holographic Acupuncture Technique for Different Parts of the Body), Taiji Holography and Correspondence, and the Method of Selecting Five Shu Points of the Same Five-Element Category have their own chapters to elaborate their theoretical principles and applications in details. Those chapters help the readers comprehend the advanced theories of Tung’s extraordinary points so as to successfully incorporate Tung’s acupuncture into their clinical practice.

Hardcover, 280 pgs

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