Limited Use Plastic Cups – Set of 5

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Note: Each size is sold separately in packages of 5 of the same sized cups.

Product Description:

One Time – or Limited Use Cups


Interior sizes:

Size 1 – 50.5 mm  (2.18 in)

Size 2 – 45.5 mm  (1.79 in)

Size 3 – 37.5 mm  (1.48 in)

Size 4 – 28.5 mm  (1.12 in)

Size 5 – 23.5 mm  (0.93 in)

Contents: 5 Same sized cups per item


This series of products are 5 different sized cups. Each size is sold separately with 5 of the same sized cups in each package. These are designed for one time use when used for wet cupping or Hijama style cupping techniques. They also can be used for standard stationary cupping (not moving cupping), however their design limits how long they would last for this purpose.

Steps for using cups:

  1. Clean cup and area to be treated with alcohol or approved disinfectants.
  2. Connect valve portion of the cup with a standard plastic cupping pump. Note: Cupping pumps manufactured in Korea are ideal. Other pumps may or may not be suitable. Ensure the coupling piece of the pump covers the lower lip ring to ensure proper suction (see picture).
  3. Place cup on area and pump to the desired level.
  4. Remove by breaking seal formed at skin and cup edge using finger or suitable object Discard after use in suitable sharps or medical waste container. If non Hijama or Wet cupping techniques were used and multiple usage is required, clean up with warm soap and water and swab edge with 70% alcohol before next use. Discard cups when cup edge or valve deteriorate.


  • Cupping therapy is not suitable for people with bleeding diseases, dermatosis, injured skin, or allergic dermatitis.
  • Do not use if you have thin, delicate skin due to use of prednisone or other steroid medication.
  • Cups should not be applied on any part of the body that has herniations, or where varicose veins have occurred or are occurring.
  • Cupping of the abdomen during pregnancy is contraindicated. Cupping therapy when pregnant should be done under the direction of your primary healthcare practitioner
  • Avoid cupping the eye, ear, nose, mouth, nipple, genitals, and over areas where superficial arteries are present, such as in the neck.
  • Cupping therapy is not recommended for individuals with serious conditions such as cardiac failure, renal failure, cancer, ascites, or severe edema.


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