Mastering Tung Acupuncture


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By Brad Whisnant.

Take away the guess work Eliminate the complexity Want to know what works? Our Master Tung book about images, Mirrors and relationships was NOT only written to help explain these concepts, it was written to help you choose the BEST image in your clinic. — No longer will it take 50,000 patients and 10 years to “figure out” what works “best”. This book has done this for you. Honest, open, factual and clinically effective based Acupuncture tips for the 21st century The first of kind written not by a scholar, but a practitioner who treats 110 patients per week. The first of its kind to tell what ideas work best, TODAY, in a Western patient based clinic. The first of its kind based on getting RESULTS Use this book and watch your clinical success skyrocket. Improved results, happier patients, a busier office, and finally UNDERSTANDING the “what” the “why” and “which one should I use.” Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Why does imaging and mirroring work?

Chapter 2 Imaging and Mirroring Techniques –1 for 1 image –12 segments –Fully clothed acupuncture –Face on leg or arm –Top 3 keys to using images and mirrors –Face and groin area –Full image or mirror on half a limb –Tissue correspondence- Like for Like –Image and mirror, homologous structure –Quarter image –Three Jiaos –Theory –Inguinal Crease –Scalp Image- How to avoid Du 1 treatments –Belly Face

Chapter 3 Secrets to Success

Chapter 4 Where does distal acupuncture fall short?

Chapter 5 Letters to Brad – Your Questions Answered –Achilles tendon pain –Bulging disc, back pain and pinched nerve –Can you combine Tung with TCM? –Dizziness in older people is damp and phlegm –Dysmenorrhea treatment – Tung style –How to treat your own hip pain –Inguinal hernia –Low back pain – treated using homologous scapula –Man fell on carpet, now has neck pain –Meniere’s, tinnitus and dizziness –Menstrual cycles and fertility timing –Mixing Chinese and Japanese, is that setting up for failure? –Nocturnal enuresis in a 10 year old boy –Parkinson’s treatment –Post herpetic neuralgia –Quick fix for calming people –Restless leg syndrome –Severe sciatica in Australia –Varicose veins

Chapter 6 Acupuncture Meridian Images

Chapter 7 Imaging Tables

Chapter 8 Tung Acupuncture Point Illustrations

Chapter 9 Anatomy references – muscles and bones

Chapter 10 Correspondence Images

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