Never Give Up: Conquer Stress and Depression


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By David Lloyd.

Written in a clear and concise manner, Never Give Up: Conquer Stress and Depression offers insights into the detrimental effects of prolonged stress, along with important remedies to counterbalance its negative effects. In this book, the reader will learn the tools needed to identify the body’s stress response and how it is affects the mind. The author succinctly educates the reader on the science behind a potent nerve growth factor called BDNF, often dubbed “fertilizer for your brain”. BDNF is a powerful neurological protein that helps build new nerve pathways, which serves to establish newer & healthier behaviours and habits.
This book contains a well-defined explanation on how the formula Xiao Yao San (also called Free & Easy Wanderer) positively adjusts stress hormones to alleviate stress and depression. The statements regarding this powerful formula are backed by published scientific research. The author also explains the impact of acupuncture on stress and depression.

Never Give Up: Conquer Stress and Depression presents ways in which the reader can optimize levels of BDNF in their bodies to help re-write negative stress patterns with new neural networks primed for healthy emotional outcomes.

Softcover, 140 pgs

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