Numerology: A Comparison of 5 and 8 (audio)Thea Elijah


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In stock

This recording, Comparison of 5 & 8, is the first of a pair with Integration of 5 & 8.

In Comparison of 5 & 8, Thea Elijah takes us on the evolutionary journey that is numerology. We move through the stages of consciousness that are “1″ through “12″ and start to see how these movements inform Chinese medicine. Thea gives us the setting in which “5″ and “8″ reside so that we may begin to understand them. By comparing the energetics of “5″ & “8″ we are given a starting place of difference and comparison from which we can then move on to the second CD — Seasons and Weather: Integrating 5 & 8.

Audio, 49:08

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