Ohm Muliple Octave Set


In stock


In stock

The Acutonics® Ohm Multiple Octave Set is used to balance, root, and ground energy from the more visceral levels to the etheric levels of the body.

This set spans three musical octaves and is excellent for moving, guiding, and integrating energy transition from level to level.

Includes Four Tuning Forks:

  • Low Ohm
  • Mid Ohm
  • High Frequency Ohm 1
  • High Frequency Ohm 2
  • Instructions
  • Storage pouch

Do not strike forks directly on your body! Striking forks on walls or furniture is also discouraged. Please use either the Tabletop or Belted Acuvator, which may be purchased with your order.

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Dimensions 295 × 90 × 55 mm
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