Ohm Octave Set


In stock


In stock

The Ohm Octave provides a perfect balance between the Middle and Low Ohm Tuning Forks, containing one of each.

The Acutonics Ohm Octave shares many healing attributes and characteristics with the Ohm Unison, but is also an excellent way to balancing hyper-energy, and provide support for menopause and premenopausal symptoms, as well as energetic transition of movement from one state into another.


  • Middle Ohm Tuning Fork
  • Low Ohm Tuning Fork

Do not strike forks directly on your body! Striking forks on walls or furniture is also discouraged. Please use either the Tabletop or Belted Acuvator, which may be purchased with your order.

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Dimensions 285 × 115 × 30 mm
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