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Ontake Moxibustion is a very effective Japanese Moxibustion Method that is now seeing a resurgence through the efforts of British Acupuncturist Oran Kivity.

Ontake is:

  • The new go-to moxibustion tool for bodyworkers
  • Helpful for energy regulation and pain relief
  • Handmade in Taiwan for Moxa in Motion author Oran Kivity
  • Bundled pack of four pieces

As mentioned above, Ontake Warm Bamboo is the new go-to moxibustion tool for acupuncturists, Tui Na and Shiatsu practitioners. Versatile, easy to use and safe to apply, you can apply moxibustion rhythmically to points, lines and regions. It’s quick and easy to use and can be applied anywhere on the body, even on the face. Patients love Ontake.

Ontake come in three sizes: mini-Ontake (small), standard Ontake (medium) and Superontake (large). This assortment of handmade pieces, crafted in Taiwan by Ontake teacher and author Oran Kivity, is designed to get you going quickly with a selection of everything you need, for any situation.

The Ontake Starter pack contains:

  • 1 mini-Ontake—the smallest Ontake, suitable for children and sensitive patients
  • 2 standard Ontake—the most commonly used size, useful for almost any clinical situation
  • 1 Superontake—the largest Ontake, for practitioners whose hands are sensitive to heat, or who like to work more deeply and apply more pressure
  • 1 packing rod—for loading the Ontake with moxa and cleaning it out

All that is missing is the moxa itself which you can find in the related items below.

Watch this video to find out why there are three sizes of Ontake and what each size is good for.

Take a moment and watch this short video, where Oran gives a brief overview of Ontake and shares how quickly it can resolve a sore throat.

Oran Kivity also has a textbook on the subject which you can also explore. Click here for more details.

Continuing Education Opportunity:

Also we are excited to let you know that you can learn the Ontake Moxibustion Method in-depth by taking the online course in our learning section. Click below to read all the details.

Moxa in Motion with Ontake Warm Bamboo course:

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