Practical Japanese Moxa for Your Clinic

Pragmatic Protocols for Clinical Success

This course is full of information on the history, specific condition protocals, special points, and types of Moxa that can be immediately implemeted in your clinic safely. Videos presentations on point location, moxa practice and types included.

Cameron Bishop
Cameron Bishop

Course Overview

"Practical Japanese Moxa for Your Clinic" teaches many aspects of Moxa. The history, the types, and the many specifics to treat the root and symptoms. This includes Needle and Moxa (Kyutoshin), Thread Moxa (O'Kyu), Cone Moxa (Chinetsukyu), Pole Moxa, and Ibuki Moxa (stick on). The use, how to make, how to do, safety, points, conditions for various conditions will give the student ample information on the utilization of moxa for pain, fertility, constitution, abdomen, and Shen. Specific examples for the treatment of headache, low back pain, neck pain, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, foot pain, knees, spine, Morton's neuroma, hip bursitis, facial conditions, constitution, energy, immune system, and more.


  • Be able to describe the different types of moxa types and their uses.

  • Students will learn how to make a cone moxa, thread moxa, and moxa on the head of the needle.

  • Students will learn how to make a make point selection for various conditions.

  • Students will become familiar with the history of moxa, the safety of moxa in the home and clinic.


  • 0 hrs - 1 hrs

    Familiarize students with the world history of the use of Moxa, the specific use in Japan and types of moxa, indications for use and safety.

  • 1 hrs - 2 hrs

    Students will be shown videos of use of moxa, the various protocols, safety information and dosage.

  • 2 hrs - 3 hrs

    Students will learn about various special moxa points, their indications, special protocols and combination of points for specific symptoms.


Cameron Bishop

Dr Cameron Bishop lived, worked and studied in Japan for four years. He specializes in Japanese Meridian therapy, Women's Health and Pain Management. He has been practicing over 25 years in South Florida. He has extensive teaching and clinical experience.


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