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No odour, no ashes, and no toxic smoke!.

Whether it’s a neighbour in your clinic who doesn’t like the smell, or you’re concerned with the constant smoke and fumes, we’re hearing from more and more of you that you’re looking for an alternative to burning moxa.

The innovative Premio 10 Moxa device is perfect for the busy clinic where moxa smoke and smell can be an issue. Just plug it in, turn it on, and it’s instantly at temperature and ready to use. No flame required!

Using an infrared emitter, the Premio 10 Moxa has an equivalent emission spectrum to burning moxa. Just hold the Premio as though you’re holding a moxa roll. Your clinical experience with moxa is instantly applicable using the Premio 10.

  • Use the included concentrator to focus on a specific point and treat in just a few seconds.
  • Apply a penetrating heat precisely on trigger points or on a painful area, relieving stiffness.
  • Take advantage of all the benefits of medium and long infrared for muscle and joint disorders.

The infrared emitter offers you over 10,000 hours of efficiency. A long, flexible cord makes it easy to maneuver around your treatment table.

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This device is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labour against any manufacturing defect except for parts subject to wear (cables, probes, batteries etc.), for use in accordance with the user guide. This guarantee does not cover in particular damage due to dropping or crushing, emersion in or spillage of liquids or leakage of batteries into the boxes. Small parts are guaranteed for 1 year.

Please Note: Customers are responsible for shipping devices that receive warranty servicing. Please read more on our Return/Exchange page.

Manufacturer: Sedatelec
Type: Infrared emitter

Emission characteristics
Spectrum: Infrared emission (Blackbody type)
Thermal protection: Stops automatically if overheating
Automatic shutdown: After 10 minutes

Power supply: 110-240V ~ /50-60Hz

Handpiece: 18mm x 25mm
Total weight: 220g

Operating conditions:
Temperature: between 0 degree C and 40 degree C
Humidity: <70%

What practitioners have been saying:

“The Premio 10 has been a wonderful surprise for me as a moxa alternative. I generally use moxa on about 50% of my patients and found my lungs were getting more and more irritated by the smoke over time. When the Moxa Premio became available, I was put off by the high price as my moxa costs were small, so I didn’t think to buy one. But when I looked at the real costs to my health of long-term smoke inhalation, I reconsidered. I realized that I was spending roughly $5.00 a week on moxa – meaning over 5 years I would be spending $1300.00 on moxa alone. The Premio is rated for 10,000 hrs (roughly 10 years of use) if you do moxa on patients for 3 hours a day. For me, that was the decision maker. I realized that for a one-time expense of purchasing the Premio, I would be able to offer patients the benefits of moxa and reduce the stress on my lungs for 10 years. That was worth the investment for me.

Once I started using the unit, I was so happy with the results. My patients experienced the familiar sensation of penetrating and traveling heat like with the smoke moxa. I also found the ‘instant on’ was a real time saver, and it was really convenient not to have to deal with ash removal. The concentrator that comes with the unit allows me to easily do direct moxa-like treatments on patients. I have been so happy with my decision to purchase this device. I would happily recommend it to all practitioners using moxa.”

-A. Chen, R.Ac.
North Vancouver, BC
“When I first started my practice I used moxa a lot. It was a very effective tool and the results were excellent. I was fortunate to have a well-ventilated area. Over the years, as I aged the moxa began to have a drying effect on me personally (older female). I found the sticks too strong and began using the premium loose moxa most of the time and did more direct moxibustion but would still burn on the needles which produced more smoke. Some of my clients liked the moxa smoke, others weren’t as keen and I began seeing more clients with respiratory illness which were quite severe and reacted to any smoke. In fact, when they came into the room after I had used moxa, they began to react. I really wanted to use moxa on them but obviously couldn’t. Then I saw the Premio 10.

I was really skeptical, but really wanted some alternative. I found two testimonials that sounded very positive. Using premium moxa as frequently as I would like was very costly for indirect purposes, the smoke was an issue in my current clinic, and clients needed what the moxa could do. I decided to give it a try.

It sounds over the top, but I am truly thrilled with this device. I am back to using “moxa” frequently and have tried various experiments to see how it performs compared to the “real” thing. I am having wonderful results. I have a couple clients that “miss the smoke” but I am now able to use this technique on clients who couldn’t handle the smoke. As for myself, I am noticing the difference, too. A little moxa helped me on occasion but the amount I used it throughout the day was too much. I can actually use this device on myself at the end of the day without fear for my lungs. If anyone is dealing with any of these issues the Premio 10 is most definitely an option.”
-P. Moore, R.Ac.
Regina, SK

Considering purchasing the Premio10 Moxa?
Be sure to read this review by Ross Struthers, DIPL.ST, CST

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