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Note: This device is not a laser, it is a precise tool for emitting specific wavelengths of light!

Light Therapy, Chromotherapy or Photonic Medicine has been used in many ways by practitioners to effect a change in the human body. Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to affect a change in the human body. It has been used for hundreds of years in several healing modalities. An exciting new area that is proving to be quite effective is the use of chromotherapy with auricular medicine. This non-invasive method uses precise colour frequencies to trigger auricular points in very specific ways. It is used both diagnostically and for treatment.

The organs of the body have a set rate of metabolism. In the 1970s, Paul Nogier found the physiological linkage between a range of frequencies and different parts of the skin. The skin contains several types of sensory receptors and recorders, making it sensitive to different stimuli including electromagnetic stimulation at various wavelengths. Studies have shown that projecting white or coloured light onto the skin stimulates the neuroendocrine system, which triggers a reaction in the body through the release of chemical neuromediators. Intermittent light stimulation of the skin can produce several very different RAC. depending on the frequency of the light impulses delivered. This is one of the essential parts of auriculomedicine.

Through this skin stimulation, he discovered the frequencies at which the areas of the pinna of the ear and body reacted in the same way to a specific frequency or colour (photo-perception):

A = 2,28 Hz, Orange 21, basal area, represents anabolism

B = 4.56 Hz, Red 25, nutrition and assimilation (metabolism) area

C = 9.12 Hz, Yellow 3, kinetic area represents movement

D = 18.25 Hz, Red 24, associative area, represents the link between the right and left sides of the body

E = 36.50 Hz, Blue 44, distribution area, represents the transmission of the influx between the cortex and the soma

F = 73 Hz, Blue 98, sub-cortical area, represents the intuitive organization

G = 146 Hz, Magenta 30, cortical area, represents mental organisation

From the properties of the skin and the features of the light causing the skin photo-perception effect, this device was designed to generate white, coloured, pulsed or unpulsed light by the Nogier Frequencies and can be used for diagnosis or stimulation. Note: This device is generally used in conjunction with taking the NOGIER pulse. Practitioners should be familiar with this assessment method.

The Premio 40 features the following:

  • Last generation high CRI diode with a light spectrum closest to that of the sun
  • An adjustable light intensity from 780 Lux to 51.500 Lux at 5 cm
  • Very limited heating of the source to maintain a constant quality no matter which gelatine filters are used
  • High precision: emission of frequencies with a precision of 0.01%
  • Excellent battery life: a day of work without charging
  • Strengths
  • Use of all our filters and discs range (>150 references)
  • Wireless and autonomous for easy use
  • Illumination of Ø2 mm to Ø20 cm zone

Easy to use

  • An adjustable intensity, the lower one (detection) on 4 levels and the higher intensity (stimulation) on 6 levels
  • Selection of the Nogier frequencies** from A to G and L frequency, in basic frequencies with the possibility to use higher harmonics
  • Variation of frequencies from -30% to +30% in 5% intervals
  • Automatic scanning function for all the frequencies and all the percentages
  • Laterality test with the beating function (BF, HF, HF + BF)

Before use, carefully read the user manual.

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