Q Fix 28, 3 x 28mm double sided round adhesives (20 sheets)


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In stock

QFix28 (Pack of 20 sheets)

This double-sided round adhesive allows for easy placing of the 28mm Quadrapole or Hexapole magnets. Just peel the first layer of paper off, place the magnet on the sheet, and then pull the magnet off the sheet, doing so will separate the second layer of adhesive away from the paper backing. Now the magnet and the adhesive are ready to apply.

Using the double-sided tape makes it easy to apply the magnets while the patient is sitting or standing. Once the magnets are in place, you can apply an additional layer of medical tape over the magnets to prevent them from being rubbed off when being worn under clothing.

  • Double-sided hypo-allergenic round adhesive
  • 28 mm or 1.12″ diameter
  • 3 adhesives per sheet
  • 60 applications
  • For use with QF28-6 or QF28-3

Watch QF28-3 Q magnet application for pain with QFix28 double sided adhesive video.

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