TCM Study Guide – Herbology Vol.2 (Wu)


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By Shi Cun Wu. With William Burck, Tom Haskins, Amy Yeostros, Xinxiang Feng, and Yosef Pollack.

Drawing from his personal practice, from his colleagues in China, and from Chinese college texts and licensing exams, the author organizes over 250 concise case studies into eleven sections, each of which represents different types of disorders (e.g., external evils, disorders of the lung, etc.).

Each case briefly describes a clinical situation. The questions that follow it guide the reader through the process of determining diagosis, treatment approach, and herbal prescription.

The majority of the cases utilize multiple-choice questions.

The last section of the book contains 19 cases with open-ended questions, which challenge the reader to develop answers without the assistance of fixed multiple choices.

The comprehensive exam that follows the case studies sections provides a final chance to test the full breadth of knowledge of TCM herbs, formulas, and treatments.

The resource section provides listings of herbs categorized by symptoms and syndromes, and by organ and function, characteristics of Chinese herbs by category, alternate pinyin names of Chinese herbs, traditional Chinese herbal formulas, alternate pinyin names of formulas, exemplary formulas for disease syndromes, and a listing of TCM source texts.

The answer section completes the text.

Softcover, 472 pgs

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