The Heart Lock Theory

Diana Mossop explains what the Heart Lock Theory is and how it can help your patient recover from even the most serious conditions.

Diana Mossop
Diana Mossop

Course Overview

Why would a practitioner benefit from learning the Heart Lock Theory?


Our experiences are stored in our memories and reflexively in our bodies. Since the heart is the fulcrum of the energy flow through the body, it is easy to understand that experiences and events have a subtle effect on the way our hearts beat. The Heart Lock Theory can pinpoint the times in our life when we have suffered lasting damage, and provide clues to how these events are affecting our lives today.


The Phytobiophysics Heart Lock Theory is a form of heart reflexology and is quite simply one of the most efficient methods of diagnosis. The theory is simple, and yet extremely profound. It quickly and clearly enables the practitioner to understand the complex chain of events in a patient’s life, which conspire to make them ill. The theory offers the ability to create a map, presenting a time frame of who, how, what, and when the patient has been damaged and an ability to track back to discover the origin of their disease. This knowledge enables you to help your patient recover from even some of the most serious conditions.


  • The student will learn about the Heart Lock Theory

  • The student will learn the Heart Lock muscle test

  • The student will learn about the planes of consciousness

  • The student will review cases and treatment protocols using flower formulas


  • 0 hrs - 1 hrs

    Session 1 — The Journey of Life:

  • 1 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    The introduction takes one through an understanding of the relationship and correlation of the physical organ of the heart with the emotional impact of the family and our relationships. The Journey of Life is the fine line that we walk throughout our lives, the tightrope that was our past. Remember that this day is our survival of all the events that have occurred throughout our lives and our ancestors' lives as well. So many of us find such pain in the memories of our past, and it is this inability to let go of the pain, humiliation, anger and bitterness of the past events which make us so ill today. Also, the first webinar explains the sacred geometry of symmetry of the human body inter-related with the sacred geometry of the flowers used to heal the body.

  • 1.5 hrs - 2.25 hrs

    Session 2 — The Theory of the Heart Lock Muscle Test:

  • 2.25 hrs - 3 hrs

    A practical method of accurately assessing the heart lock through muscle testing. One that is used by Phytobiophysics and to which we refer to as the Electrical Muscle Test is a method of making a circuit through the patient’s body, hence contact must be made with two hands at all times of the test. Using the deltoid muscle, during a muscle test, the practitioner uses one hand to press down on an outstretched arm, testing the strength of the deltoid (indicator) muscle of the client. The practitioner’s other hand can be used to focus attention on any part of the body. If there is inflammation or degeneration, the indicator muscle will momentarily test weak. This practical and easy to learn method is invaluable as it can be applied in all modalities of assessment.

  • 3 hrs - 3.75 hrs

    Session 3 — An explanation of the Journey and Constitution:

  • 3.75 hrs - 4.5 hrs

    Our constitution is made up of ancestral inheritance and personality, as well as family, education experience and fate. I believe that this webinar gives one the ability to accurately assess your patient within a split second, to be able to determine the patterns of their disease and to understand what makes people ‘tick’. This understanding is invaluable at every stage of your life, in every walk of life, and helps you to choose your friends, your loved ones, and associates. Who you are compatible with, and who you should work with, but also how to understand and help your patient to recover. This philosophy is one of the most accurate forms of psychology available.

  • 4.5 hrs - 5.25 hrs

    Session 4 — Disease Taints:

  • 5.25 hrs - 6 hrs

    Probably the most important aspects of the work of a practitioner is to understand the way different bacteria, virus, pathogens and toxins affect individuals and why. The Heart Lock Theory is a profound method of enabling us to understand how to assist our patients to recover from disease by first understanding how, who, and when they have been hurt, and how they have dealt with trauma in accordance with their constitution. This understanding enables the practitioner to unravel the traumas of a patient’s past and lead them to a full recovery from even the most serious health conditions.

  • 6 hrs - 6.75 hrs

    Session 5 — The Journey of Life:

  • 6.75 hrs - 7.5 hrs

    Mapping the Heart Lock is absolutely unique to the Phytobiophysics Mossop Philosophy Heart Lock Theory. By knowing the patients' age/date of birth, it is possible to calculate the date and time of their trauma. Each quadrant of the heart lock represents a quarter of the person’s life. Nine months, [the human gestation period] is added to the birthday because the heart lock starts at the moment of conception. This extraordinary method of accurately dating the traumas and chains of events which conspire to hurt people throughout their lives is profoundly moving and astonishing. Understanding that a trauma at birth or during childhood can continually echo and reflect throughout our lives, offers a deep and profound ability to support people. To be able to, for example, date a moment in a child’s life that has caused physical illness is very important, and often reflects birth trauma and vaccine damage.

  • 7.5 hrs - 8.25 hrs

    Session 6 — The Protocol:

  • 8.25 hrs - 9 hrs

    This final webinar takes you through the protocol of conducting a consultation with your patient and enables you to put the knowledge of the heart lock theory into practice.


  • Gabriella D. (Cyprus)

    Diana has so much knowledge - an amazing teacher.


Diana has so much knowledge - an amazing teacher.

Gabriella D. (Cyprus)


Diana Mossop

Diana Mossop is a scholar of Complementary medicine and the creator of Phytobiophysics®. An author and researcher, she has explored the healing properties of flower and plant essences to create her ranges of Flower and Superfit Formulas.


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