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By Oran Kivity

Is self-study with a book a difficult prospect? Do you find it hard to make the transition from reading to practice? Discover a methodical way to learn Ontake moxibustion with the Moxa in Motion Colouring and Workbook.

Published in 2019, Moxa in Motion with the Ontake Method was a deep dive into the subtle concepts of Japanese rhythmic moxibustion. This companion study book is a systematic guide to acquiring, practising and mastering the material. The format is dynamic and varied, filled with learner-centred quizzes, exercises and diagrams to colour in. Moreover, the book is generously laced with previously unpublished extra material that augments the information in the main book and presents a helpful new feature: barcodes that you can scan with your phone, taking you to time-coded videos on YouTube to demonstrate the techniques. With over thirty years of teaching and coaching experience, Oran Kivity has created a methodical vehicle for learning and practice that will have you doing effective Ontake moxibustion in a very short time.

You will learn:

Dr Manaka’s meridian frequencies and how to apply them

Branch treatments for symptom relief

Root treatments for whole-body regulation

The integration of Dr Tan’s holographic models with Ontake for the rapid relief of pain in the neck, back and joints

Oran Kivity is a veteran acupuncturist and international trainer from the UK. He has dedicated countless hours of clinical observation and study to integrate the knowledge of contemporary Japanese masters. Well-known for the clarity of his teaching and his humorous approach to learning, this workbook is the perfect complement for readers assimilating the dynamic rhythmic moxibustion methods of Ontake warm bamboo.

Softcover, 100 pgs

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