Tracking the Dragon


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By Dr Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM.

Tracking the Dragon book teaches you how to feel channel Qi: feel the current of electricity that run under a person’s skin. You will learn how to make a medical diagnosis from that information, and how to plan an elegant, efficient, lasting treatment, all based on the flow or lack of, in those currents.

Direct perception of the currents flowing just under the skin is one of the most accurate methods of diagnosis. Quotes from the Nei Jing show that, historically, knowing how the patient’s channels are flowing is far more important than tongue and pulse diagnosis. You can use channel diagnosis to make treatment plans that match the patient, not some generalized pattern.

This book includes the classroom exercises I use for teaching students quickly how to feel channel Qi, plus accurate maps of the channels. The meridians you learn in school are somewhat inaccurate: prove this to yourself by feeling the channel Qi!

When you can feel channel Qi, you can understand what you are actually doing when you perform Chinese medicine. You can be a brilliant doctor, providing treatments that address the exact problem and bring about lasting change.

Softcover, 325 pages

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