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Wang Yan-heng & Kang Yu-chun.

Depression is in fact a potentially life-threatening mood disorder. In recent years, there have been remarkable developments in the treatment of many psycho-emotional disorders, and although the advent of new anti-depressant drugs has certainly brought great relief to millions of patients, these drugs do not always cure depression; they generally tend to only manage the symptoms. In addition, unpleasant or unacceptable side-effects also appear in many patients. Therefore, many individuals suffering with depression are turning to integrative treatment approaches which combine pharmaceutical therapy with the holistic methods of Chinese Medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners seek the root cause of disease by assessing patterns of disharmony within both body and mind. Such methods have been accumulated over hundreds of years, and their effects can be outstanding. However, the sole use of Western or Chinese medicines alone is not always completely effective. Because clinical depression is a complex systemic disease many contemporary Chinese physicians apply pattern differentiation along with integrative medical treatment and psychotherapy.

This text introduces the most current applications of Chinese formula medicinals for depression while also discussing a variety of practical integrative treatment methods.

The English version of this renowned clinical text is based on “Treatise and Treatments of Depressive Disorder with Integrative Medicine” previously published in 2006 by People’s  Medical Publishing House.

Soft cover book with 336 pages.

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