Whole Heart Connection Workbook- Thea Elijah


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Basic Practices 1-12.

The Whole Heart Connection practices are a distillation of many years of Thea Elijah’s study in the fields of Chinese medicine (including Qi Gong), Sufi healing, and raising a family. What they all have in common is an essential sense of wholeness that is available to all of us, no matter what our life experience. Throughout this book there may be various references that allude to Chinese medicine, Sufism or raising children, but all of them will be easily understandable to those who have no background in any of these fields.

Whole Heart Connection is a set of body-related awareness practices designed to help us to shift our own internal states, such that we are better able to access our own groundedness, centeredness, integrity and clarity. In the state of Whole Heart Connection, we are more able to connect with ourselves, with others, and with the source of creative insight. This increased capacity for heart-based insight can be used for purposes as diverse as inspired parenting, artistic vision and execution, healing modalities, social activism/organization, or personal prayer.

Please note: This workbook is primarily designed to be used by students who have already taken a Whole Heart Connection Intro class.  You are welcome to explore the workbook on its own, but please remember that words on a page are no substitute for the embodied experience of a group of people practicing together.

Includes a CD with audio material.

Softcover, spiral bound, 188 pgs

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