Yin Tui Na – Hands-on Therapy for Traumatic Injury


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In stock

By Dr Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, LAc.

This book is packed with illustrations, photos, and clear instruction on how to perform the Chinese medicine hands-on therapy that can help accelerate healing from traumatic injuries. These techniques help the patient feel physically supported enough to release residual holding patterns of trauma, thus allowing the patient to experience the spontaneous, self-repositioning of broken bones, displaced joint articulations or soft tissue, and the resumption of correct flow of channel Qi.

Techniques in this book can help a patient mentally re-associate with an old, unhealed injury that is not healing because of conscious or subconscious dissociation.

This material is easy to master. Knowing how to lend a helping hand and give basic, healing-inducing support to someone who is injured or traumatized should be part of every person’s skill set. It should be required for anyone practicing Chinese medicine.

These techniques can also be helpful in treating the type of Parkinson’s disease that is set in motion by a long-term, unhealed, dissociated injury.

Softcover, 200 pages.

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