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What is Net of Knowledge?


A 57-year-old woman come into the clinic complaining of waking in the night needing to pee; she also has a diagnosis of asthma. Patients often present with multiple symptoms. Dr. Keown discusses his strategies for history taking, formulating a diagnosis, making a plan, and then treating. Dr. Keown's style of practice is heavily influenced by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and his channel palpation method. He considers himself a student of this method and focuses on exploring people's experience and knowledge of channel palpation. Finally, in the last part of this talk, he discusses how Western medicine strengthens our understanding of Chinese medicine, thereby giving practitioners new ways to explain TCM to their patient population.

Price: $75.00
CEUs/PDAs: 2.5 Approved: Florida, NCCAOM, IVAS, Standard Certificate, California
Length: 2.5 Hrs
Course Type: Recorded Seminar
Access Period: Lifetime
Notes: Notes are provided with this course.


  • Understand jing luo as simply spaces in the body
  • Understand the points as places where change occurs
  • Realize the channels as real physical spaces that surgeons use and acupuncturists can use in palpation
  • Understand the Chinese function of organs in biomedical terms


0 hrs - 30 minChannels are spaces in the body walled by fascia

30 min - 1 hrsThe points are predictable places where the channels change

1 hrs - 1.75 hrsPalpation can physically reveal what is going on in organ

1.75 hrs - 2.5 hrsThe (Chinese) organs are understandable when energy and hormones are introduced