Acufast Tray Kit


In stock


In stock

Acufast Needle Tray Kit

Included in your kit:

1 metal tray
4 metal strips pre attached
4 Acuclips
4 Acubases
4 additional metal strips in brown envelope (use these for additional parking spots for your Acubases in your clinic room)

This combination of a medical tray, Acubase and Acuclip is arranged to give you easy access to 4 of your high-volume needle sizes. The two top rows can be used for your 15mm (.5 inch) and 30 mm (1 inch) needles, while the second is positioned to handle longer 40mm (1.5 inch), 50mm (2 inch) or 60 mm (2.5 inch) needles.

Once set up, the Acufast Tray Kit allows you to quickly access your needles and move around the clinic. Ideal for practitioners tired of needle spills when using multi-needling packaging.  This setup is also great for busy practitioners wanting to have easy access to their most frequently used needles while maintaining a clean field and control of their guide tubes (if used).

Note: intended to be used only with Acufast Earth Friendly needles.

Download the Acufast Needle Tray instruction

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Dimensions 265 × 207 × 25 mm

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