Introduction to Chinese Medicine: A Patient’s Guide


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By Toby Daly

An Introduction to Chinese Medicine offers a concise overview of the landscape and therapeutic potential of traditional East Asian medicine. It combines historical perspectives, the latest research studies, and Dr. Daly’s two decades of clinical experience to provide an in-depth guide to anyone looking to understand and make use of the many modalities offered by Chinese medicine.

Paperback, 76 pages

Toby Daly’s text is a succinct and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the art and science of Chinese medicine. For patients who wish to know more about the inner workings of the treatments they receive, and for students and practitioners who time after time need to find concise and meaningful answers to the question – “What is Chinese medicine?”

~ Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc
Founding Professor, College of Classical Chinese Medicine
National University of Natural Medicine

This book is exactly what patients need to have a fruitful engagement with Chinese medicine.

~ Peter Deadman
Author of 
Live Well Live Long and A Manual of Acupuncture

Now when your patients ask you for a book, they can read about Chinese medicine you now can give them one that does not attempt to teach Chinese Medicine 101. Instead, it’s a thoughtful invitation to understand and access the 2000 years of practical medical wisdom of East Asia, with the Western mind in the modern world. More importantly, how they can avail themselves of the safe and effective methods of Chinese medicine.

~ Michael Max, LAc
Founder of Qiological

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