Marla Moss

Marla Moss is Owner and Founder of Raging River Media, specializing in HIPAA-compliant digital marketing for acupuncturists. She helps practitioners grow thriving, sustainable practices with customized automation technology that protects patient privacy while liberating busy healers from the grind.


Marla tried acupuncture for the first time at Berkeley Acupuncture Project, the first ever community acupuncture clinic in her hometown of Berkeley, CA. Smitten from the start, Marla leveraged her experience as a copywriter for local nonprofits to build an advertising agency just for acupuncturists.


Entering the field of medical marketing, Marla noticed something was missing - almost no one in the industry was following federal guidelines for patient privacy. Having had multiple experiences on the patient end of healthcare privacy violations, she committed to HIPAA compliance in her business.


Raging River Media is currently the only HIPAA-compliant digital marketing agency serving exclusively acupuncturists. Clients tend to stay long-term, as results are consistent and have proven effective even through global crisis. She loves seeing acupuncturists become untethered to tech with the use of automation, more able to focus on treatment and life outside of work.


With a dual focus on practice growth and HIPAA compliance, Raging River Media has helped dozens of acupuncturists add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their practice revenue and avoid millions of dollars in fines. As a former classroom teacher, community education is Marla's favorite part of her work, bringing her sunshine even in long rainy winters.


Marla's mission through Raging River Media is to secure and fortify the acupuncture profession with sustainable growth and top-notch cybersecurity. In true holistic spirit, Marla believes that patient privacy IS healthcare, knowing from experience how HIPAA compliance impacts treatment outcomes. She sees continued advancements in practice technology as vital to the industry's future.


As a newly-minted frequency medicine practitioner, Marla also enjoys introducing holistic health providers to the wonders of biofeedback and other remote treatment modalities that complement the use of needles and herbs. She is passionate about helping practices navigate and continue to thrive through changing times, and has many resources to offer acupuncturists ready to try something new.

Marla Moss

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