Ontake Moxibustion 101

Getting Started with the Ontake Method

Ontake is an amazing moxibustion tool that's fast become an essential part of the modern practitioner's kitbag. Short but dense, this course will set you up to apply warm bamboo moxibustion in your practice and get you started on your Ontake journey.

Oran Kivity
Oran Kivity

Course Overview



Moxibustion is ancient. Even more ancient than needling. In modern acupuncture, however, it is often considered too time-consuming, too risky or too difficult to master. And yet the classics say: for chronic conditions, moxa has no equal.


Coming to the rescue of time-poor, risk-averse, present-day acupuncturists is the Ontake Method from Japan. This innovative approach uses a piece of bamboo filled with burning moxa wool to roll, tap and press on the meridians using a metronome programmed to each meridian's frequency. The rhythmic application of heat, frequency and pressure triggers rapid shifts in your patients' body condition and mood but this method generates only a little smoke.


In this highly practical introductory module you will:


(1) Discover what Ontake is and the kind of things the Ontake Method can do.

(2) Learn how to load, light and extinguish the Ontake.

(3) Acquire three basic strokes to get you started: tapping, rolling and super-knocking.

(4) Explore a simple treatment model for the rapid relief of pain anywhere on the midline of the body with Ontake, including sore throat, neck pain, middle back, pubic symphysis and epigastric pain.


  • Describe the origins of Ontake in the 1960s and list three main spheres of application: root, branch, adjunctive treatment.

  • Load, light, extinguish, clean, reload, relight Ontake

  • View supplementing and draining application methods, namely rolling, tapping and super-knocking on the skin with Ontake

  • Apply a theoretical model for the treatment of midline pain by pairing anatomical opposite points on the Ren, Du, kidney and bladder channels.


  • 0 hrs - 15 min

    Introductory concepts: a lecture format with slides and video introducing the basic concepts of Ontake.

  • 15 min - 30 min

    Lecture and close up camera work to introduce and explore issues about loading and lighting bamboo.

  • 30 min - 45 min

    Lecture and close up camera work to introduce and explore three simple application methods for supplementing and draining with Ontake.

  • 45 min - 1.25 hrs

    Lecture with slides plus close up camera work to introduce and explore a simple model for treating pain anywhere on the midline. Closing remarks and conclusions.


Oran Kivity

British acupuncturist Oran Kivity trained in Europe, China, and Japan. In practice since 1987, he has ignited interest in the Ontake Method, a rhythmic moxibustion method from Japan.


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    Approved by: Standard Certificate (1.25), NCCAOM (1), Florida (1)

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  • Language: English

  • Course Type: Recorded Webinar

  • Course Length: 1.25 h

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