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Q Acupuncture Magnets Set

This 32 piece set provides a practitioner with all the necessary magnet types to treat multiple zones of the body. Included in the set is a Magnetic viewing film that allows you to show your patient’s the unique multipolar fields that these magnets produce.  By purchasing these magnets as a set you save $100.00 compared to the prices of purchasing each item individually.

We like to encourage practitioners to think of each magnet like a little natural magnetic field stimulator that can be used over and over again. A onetime investment that gives you a lifetime of use! Just make sure you either get a deposit on the magnets from your patients when they are used for care in between clinic treatment sessions. They can have a tendency to disappear if not carefully tracked.

Here is what you get in a set

3 X OF50-3: extra-large (50 mm dia. – 3 mm thick) Octapolar magnets for hips, sacrum and shoulders
2 X QF28-3: large (28mm dia. – 3 mm thick) Quadrapolar magnets for back, legs, arms, neck and head
10 X QF15-2: medium sized (15mm dia. – 2mm thick) Quadrapolar magnets for use everywhere
2 X Q6-1.5: (Pack of 6) – small sized (6mm dia. – 1.5mm thick ) Quadrapolar magnets for use on feet,hands and face and ears.
1 X CFBS120 (Pack of 2): Flat thin rubber magnets with alternating concentric fields 120mm x 50 mm by 1.5 mm thick – used for inside shoes or shallow areas of pain.
5 X QFix40: double sided tape for applying extra-large Q-magnets
5 X QFix28: double sided table for applying large Q-magnets
1 X Magnetic Viewing Film: a very cool business card sized viewer that demonstrates the magnetic field each magnet produces.
1 X Q Bag: a handy storage bag for all your magnets. Great to take all your magnets on the road.
1 X Information & Instruction Booklet: contains all the info you need to get started with your treatments.

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Click Here to Download a Clinical study on the effectiveness of static magnets

Watch a Q magnets Introduction Video.

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