Remove Universal Adhesive Remover Wipes box/50


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In stock

Q-Magnets are an exciting tool to help reduce pain and restore function. The one challenge many practitioners face is the removal of glue residue on the magnet and or the patient’s skin as a result of the use of Kinesio or Medical tape applied to hold the magnet in place. To ensure easy cleaning of both magnet and skin, we found this excellent adhesive remover.

Use REMOVE when cleaning magnets in preparation for their next use. You can also use it on your patient’s skin if any glue residue is present after removing the tape. It is quick and easy on the skin, and also latex-free.

Using Remove will leave your Q-Magnets looking clean and like new! Make sure to have some as part of your Q-Magnet kit.

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Dimensions 108 × 70 × 62 mm

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