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Quadrapolar Q magnets

This group of magnets are quadrupoles. A Quadrapolar Q magnet is a multipolar (i.e., Quadrapolar on one side) static magnet made of the highest quality rare earth neodymium magnetic material with a 1.35 Tesla or 13,500 Gauss rating at its strongest point and Energy Product of 45 MGOe (N45). The name Quadrapolar comes from the four alternating poles on the one face of the magnet.

This fluctuating magnetic field has been shown to affect cell membranes of nerves in a very special way. Within minutes of exposures, nerve cell action potential and irritation is reduced. The resulting effect is like taking a fast acting pain reliever that gets better at relieving pain over time. Patients have noticed changes in their pain levels within 15 – 20 minutes. The pain relief increases and continues the longer the magnets are on the affected area. Practitioners can use these magnets as loaners to patients in between treatment seasons or sell to the patient for self-care after their course of treatment is completed.

We recommend using the Q magnets with the Asiamed Nylon Kinesiotape. The tape is smooth, lasts for long time on the body and provides an additional layer of fascial stretch in the region.  

Note: The Q magnets have a “flux plate” on one side of the magnet. The flux plate is a barrier that helps to project the magnetic field downward. In addition, the flux plates are printed with an arrow that when placing the magnet on the affected area the arrow should be facing up towards the patient’s head for proper alignment with the bodies energy. The printed side of the magnet is up and facing you when the magnet is applied.

The different diameters and thickness influence the area and penetrating depth of the magnetic field. The larger the diameter and thickness of the magnet results in increased depth of magnetic field penetration and surface area treated.

See chart below for details of width, thickness and depth of penetration.

45 MGOe (N45) Neodymium Rare Earth

Code Name Penetration Width Thickness Pull Force Flux Plate Plastic Case
QF100 QF10-2 14 mm/0.56″ 10 mm/0.4″ 2 mm/0.08″ 11 N/1 kgf/2 lbf YES NO
QF110 QF10-3 15 mm/0.6″ 10 mm/0.4″ 3 mm/0.12″ 14 N/1 kgf/3 lbf YES NO
QF120 QF15-2 24 mm/0.96″ 15 mm/0.6″ 2 mm/0.08″ 48 N/5 kgf/11 lbf YES NO
QF130 QF15-3 25 mm/1″ 15 mm/0.6″ 3 mm/0.12″ 50 N/5 kgf/11 lbf YES YES
QF140 QF20-2 30 mm/1.2″ 20 mm/0.8″ 2 mm/0.08″ 90 N/9 kgf/20 lbf YES YES
QF170 QF20-3 30 mm/1.4″ 20 mm/0.8″ 3 mm/0.12″ 100 N/10 kgf/25 lbf YES YES
QF180 QF20-4
QF190 QF20-5 33 mm/1.32″ 20 mm/0.8″ 5 mm/0.2″ 140 N/14 kgf/32 lbf YES YES
QF200 QF28-3 48 mm/1.92″ 28 mm/1.12″ 3 mm/0.12″ 206 N/21 kgf/46 lbf YES YES
QF210 QF28-6 50 mm/2″ 28 mm/1.12″ 6 mm/0.25″ 262 N/27 kgf/59 lbf YES YES
QM200 Q4-1.5;  Pack of 20 4 mm/0.16″ 4 mm/0.16″ 1.5 mm/0.06″ 2 N/0.2 kgf/0.5 lbf NO NO
QM210 Q6-1.5; Pack of 6 with Plasters 5 mm/0.2″ 6 mm/0.24″ 1.5 mm/0.06″ 4 N/0.4 kgf/1 lbf NO NO
QM220 Q6-1.5; Pack of 100 5 mm/0.2″ 6 mm/0.24″ 1.5 mm/0.06″ 4N/0.4 kgf/1 lbf NO NO


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