Q Bonus Package – Lower Back Pain


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In stock

Q Bonus Package – Lower Back Pain

This 13-piece Lower Back set comes with a set of 4 medium-sized magnets in two thickness sets. The thicker magnets would be placed on the points with the greatest discomfort and the thinner magnets can be placed above and below. The smaller 1.5 mm magnets can be used on distal points identified in acupuncture meridian therapy for low back pain, such as BL 40, BL 60, SI 3, etc.

With this package, you save up to 65.00

Remember, the Q-Magnets in this set are not just for the back! They can be used on any part of the body where they would be appropriate.

Here is what you get in a set:

2 X QF28-6 Medium-sized, thick Quadrapolar magnets for disks, low back, hip shoulder
2 X QF28-3 Medium-sized, regular thickness Quadrapole for most areas of the body
Bonus QFix28 X 10 10 double-sided table for applying large Q-magnets
Bonus Q6-1.5 X 6 plus QFix6 plaster   – super small Quadrapolar magnets pre-taped ready for application to joints, head, and acupuncture points
Bonus Q Bag
Bonus Information & Instruction Booklet

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Watch a Q magnets Introduction Video.

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