Richelli's Fascial Quadrant System (RFQS)


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Diagnosis and treatment of the fascial system

Richelli’s Fascia Quadrant System is the book you were looking for.

Diagnosis is undoubtedly the most important part of treatment. This method of exploration and treatment are the bases that are valid and fundamental for any type of therapy that you apply.

You will be able to determine the origin of the injury.

You will know in what order to treat the different affected tissues.

Avoid treating where you shouldn’t.

Know the exact time and intensity that you should treat each area.

Use the precise technique for each stage of the injury and according to its therapeutic purpose, following an exact order.

Isn’t this what you always wanted to know?

Now you can safely plan your treatments and optimize treatments by treating the right thing in the right place.

We offer you what nobody offers you.

Free lifetime book updates.

Belong to a community to interact and exchange knowledge.

Receive extra material continuously such as videos, scientific articles, webinars and everything that is relevant and related to the book.

You will have the opportunity to examine the content of the book and receive a certification as an expert in RFQS and appear on a world map with your place of work.

Remember that the fascial system surrounds and interconnects the entire body. Nothing escapes the fascial system. We cannot act on the body without acting on the fascial system and since it governs the entire body, its alteration will affect the entire body. It is essential to know its functioning and alterations to know how it affects the body’s injuries regardless of the pathology that the body suffers from. Only in this way can we guarantee a treatment that sees the body as a whole that has to be in balance.

Features, benefits and applications.


A very schematic and clear book with illustrations that facilitate the understanding of the text at all times.

A clear and precise order is followed that facilitates reading and consultation.


Acquire the knowledge that allows you to eliminate diagnostic errors and facilitate the understanding and interpretation of symptoms.


The application is not limited to a specific therapy. It is the basis for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical alterations of the body and is useful for all physiotherapy, medicine and physical exercise therapies. Both for prevention and treatment.

There is no more complete and simple work for health therapies.

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