Richelli's Fascial Reset System (RFRS)


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Therapeutic exercises for Quadrants and Myofascial Chains

Are you passionate about fascias but don’t know what exercises to guide based on the alterations of the Myofascial Chains or Fascial Quadrants?

Here I present the book Richelli’s Fascial Reset System that completes the exploration and treatment parameters seen in the book Richelli’s Fascia Quadrant System.

The book that will allow you to plan and guide therapeutic exercise, increasing the effectiveness of your myofascial treatments.

If movement is key in exploration and treatment, physical exercise is essential

If in Richelli’s Fascial Quadrant System the importance of movement for the exploration and treatment of the myofascial system becomes evident, it is understood that physical exercise is a fundamental part of the treatment, and not a ‘little thing’ that the patient does at home at will and for a few days.

  • Determines the relationship of muscle chains and fascial quadrants, and how it affects posture or movement pattern.
  • Know the logical order of the exercises, their duration, intensity and frequency depending on the restrictions.
  • Incorporate the most effective tools and develop your own treatment plan and exercise guideline for the patient.

Put an end to the mistakes made in the exercise schedule

Until now, the usual thing was to prescribe specific exercises for the injured area, seeking symmetry and with the focus on strengthening the muscles. However the body is asymmetrical. Richelli’s Fascial Reset System (RFRS) breaks with common errors and proposes an approach that contemplates the specificity and globality of the exercises, avoiding being responsible for increasing and perpetuating the imbalances and injuries of our patients.

Why Richelli’s Fascial Reset System?

Richelli’s Fascial Reset System teaches quadrant by quadrant exercise sequences based on the 5 pillars of fascial exercise: tissue release, stretching, proprioception, endurance and strength.

Based on the evidence that physical exercise cannot be left in the hands of the patient, RFRS breaks with the patient’s therapy-dependence, and lays the foundations for self-treatment and maintenance, through exercises that resemble the patient’s daily tasks. , and especially those that have to be carried out in sports and work practice.

The importance of fascial tissue

Richelli’s Fascial Reset System is the basis for the pattern of physical exercise at the myofascial level. His knowledge will allow you to generate the appropriate stimuli so that the fascial tissue of your patients is better prepared to dissipate excess tension, and thus reduce possible injuries.

Watch Richelli’s Fascial Reset System video

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