The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points

Susan Johnson gives an overview on the "Best" Master Tung points that have immediate and lasting results.

Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson

Course Overview

All of the points and point patterns discussed in this course are considered 'heavy-hitters' by Susan. We have been given many extraordinary points from Master Tung's work, all of which can yield immediate and lasting results, but some of them Susan finds herself using all day, every day. What makes a point or one pattern a 'heavy-hitter' is its clinical usefulness. Practitioners attending this recording will be able to return to their clinics with lots of new ideas for immediate implementation. This course will give any practitioner a very good overview of the entire Master Tung’s system, lots of new points to add to his/her repertoire, and is an excellent choice as well, for those who already have some familiarity with Tung's Points.


NOTE: This course mentions bleeding techniques and the treatment of cancer as part of the historical discussion of Tung’s acupuncture points. Bloodletting and Cancer treatment are not within the scope of practice for California Acupuncture Licensees. Furthermore, bloodletting and/or the treatment of cancer may or may not be included in your scope of practice in your particular jurisdiction. The mention of the historical use of these techniques does not certify the learner to use these points or condone the use of these techniques outside the scope of one’s practice in their jurisdiction.


  • To give a brief history of Tung's Points in the US.

  • To explain the use of the Nine Stars of the Magic Square and how we can use it to help with the selection of points within Tung's Acupuncture system for structural issues and pain.

  • To provide a brief overview of the 5 operative theories involved in the proper use of Tung's Points.

  • To offer a detailed description of a small selection of Susan's favourite points.

  • To encourage the further study of this remarkable body of work.


  • 0 hrs - 1.5 hrs

    History of Tung's Points in the USA, including those involved in the oral tradition of Susan's lineage. Intro on available resource materials; Unilateral vs Bilateral needling; point numbering system; Addendum points; “Kitchen Sinking”, adding what you currently know to what you are learning with Master Tung's points; Contents of Susan’s Beginner Series and Advanced Series; Nei Jing/I Ching, Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallee; Dr. Miriam Lee and Dr. Young; Sliding scale acupuncture; Expectations of patients: Eat right, sleep well, avoid drugs. It does not help your patients if you baby them along, be straightforward and loving, but clear; Nine Stars of the Magic Square; Dao Ma point combinations; HIV clinic experience, treating the immune system; Curving a needle, using finer needles with strong stimulation; recorded Q&A and case histories.

  • 1.5 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Cupping information; watching the patients' breathing; Magic Square recorded discussion continued; recorded questions and answers, and case histories

  • 2.5 hrs - 4.25 hrs

    Recorded Questions: Combining cupping, bleeding, and herbs with needling; Case history: how using Master Tung points to balance de qi works, borrowing qi; How to treat consecutively for bilateral pain, how to combine points energetically; Finger points (introduction); 11.06 Return to the Nest; 11.24 Gynecological Points; 11.17 Wood (Anger); Do not add unnecessary needles, but you can add finger points and ear points; 11.20 Wood Inflammation; How to properly needle finger points to reduce pain from needling; Question about safety of the gynecological points and other Master Tung points during pregnancy; Movie: 11.27 Five Tigers; recorded questions and answers, and case histories.

  • 4.25 hrs - 5.5 hrs

    22.01-22.02 Double Child/Double Fairy; A.05 Small Joint (Xiao Jie); 22.04 Great White (Da Bai), 22.05 Spirit Bone (Ling Gu); Miriam's Ten Needles, Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist; Movie: 22.04 Great White (Da Bai), 22.05 Spirit Bone (Ling Gu); SI3 Hou Xi – Back Ravine (22.08-22.09 Wrist Prosperous One and Two); GB sciatica treating and guiding points, 22.06 Middle White (Zhong Bai), Lower White (Xia Bai); Other guiding point examples: 77.22-77.23 Beside Three Miles with 22.06 Zhong Bai; PC6 with LV3; 33.12 Heart Gate with LV3; 66.05 Golden Gate (ST43); Deeper connections of Master Tung's points; A.04 San Cha Three; Movie: A.04 San Cha Three; recorded questions and answers, and case histories.

  • 5.5 hrs - 7 hrs

    Question: treating ankle pain; Bleeding and bamboo cupping; Recorded question: injured (frozen) shoulder; cupping; Frozen shoulder (continued); 33.10 Intestine Gate, 33.11 Liver Gate; 33.12 Heart Gate; Additional cupping instruction; Golfer’s elbow; Five theories in Master Tung\s system; Curve Mound (LU5); Bamboo cupping for ankylosing spondylitis; 55.02 Flower Bone One; 55.04 Flower Bone Three. 55.05 Flower Bone Four, 55.03 Flower Bone Two (brief introduction); 55.06 Upper Tumor; Three Stove Bottom, 77.27 Outer Three Gates; recorded questions and answers, and case histories.

  • 7 hrs - 8 hrs

    Movie: 55.02 Flower Bone One; Movie: 55.06 Upper Tumor; Movie: 66.01 Seal; Movie: 66.02 Wood Wife; 66.01 Seal; 66.02 Wood Wife; 66.03 Fire Hardness, 66.04 Fire Master; Movie: 66.03 Fire Hardness, 66.04 Fire Master; recorded questions and answers, and case histories.

  • 8 hrs - 10.5 hrs

    Question: using Master Tung’s points on companion animals; Recorded Question: treating peripheral neuropathy; recorded question: neck injury with pain in the arm; 66.05 Golden Gate (Tung’s ST43); Recorded Case history: Crohn’s disease; Differentiating frontal headaches Ð excess vs deficiency; Movie: 66.05 Golden Gate; 66.11 Fire Chrysanthemum (Tung’s SP4); Paralytic colon post-anesthesia; Preventing morning sickness; Treating plantar fasciitis; Cupping precautions for recent neck injury; Recorded Case history: Treating macular degeneration; Movie: 77.08-77.09 Four Flower Upper/Four Flower Middle; 77.11 Four Flower Lower, 77.12 Bowel Intestine (quick introduction); 77.22-77.23 Beside Three Miles; Cupping behind the ear, neck, jaw; 77.27 Outer Three Gates; Movie: 77.27 Outer Three Gates; recorded questions and answers, and case histories.

  • 10.5 hrs - 11.5 hrs

    88.12-88.14 Three Yellows; Recorded Case history: Polycystic kidney and liver disease; Combining Three Yellows with Three Emperors; Treating Meniere's disease; Treating hepatitis; Treating fatigue due to Liver, cupping the Toxin Areas, and treating advanced liver diseases; 88.15 Fire Branch, 88.16 Fire All (Gallbladder points); Reaction Areas; Movie: 88.17-88.19 Four Horses; Ling Shu Connections; Movie: LI20 Welcome Fragrance (1010.15 Bowels Fast); recorded questions and answers, and case histories


  • Theresa C. (United States of America)

    Very clear presentation and explanation of points with helpful videos of needling.

  • Jaime T. (Canada)

    This course was in depth and enlightening the instructor was a wealth of knowledge and presented her knowledge in a very direct and effective manner

  • Robert B. (United States)

    I would highly recommend this course to any practitioner who wished to advance their knowledge of acupuncture. It offers many formula not taught in TCM courses and increases your ability to treat disorders not responsive to other acupuncture techniques.

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Very clear presentation and explanation of points with helpful videos of needling.

Theresa C. (United States of America)

This course was in depth and enlightening the instructor was a wealth of knowledge and presented her knowledge in a very direct and effective manner

Jaime T. (Canada)

I would highly recommend this course to any practitioner who wished to advance their knowledge of acupuncture. It offers many formula not taught in TCM courses and increases your ability to treat disorders not responsive to other acupuncture techniques.

Robert B. (United States)

Excellent overview of Master Tungs points. This class is just enough to expose you to his work and get you excited to learn more.

Jessica K. (United States)

Susan Johnson shares her 30 years of clinical experience using Tungs Acupuncture. While this information is becoming more widely available in book format, there is no replacing personal instruction. I found the videos of point location and needling procedures to be incredible helpful.

Stephen D. (United States)

This body of work has transformed my practice. For the first several years of my practice, I relied heavily on the teachings of Richard Tan. I took my first Susan Johnson seminar in 2013 and have never looked back. This is the 3rd time I have taken this particular seminar, and learn something new every time. Highly recommended for anyone who wants immediate results.

Eric M. (United States)

Susan Johnson is an inspiration teacher. I am so grateful for her life's work. She generously shares all the details of her extensive experience. She is the real deal doctor of Chinese Medicine. She teaches the points brilliantly and gives so many useful details and insightful stories from her own practice. She continues to study and deepen her knowledge. Every student of acupuncture I've been practicing for 23 years like myself can learn so much from Susan Johnson. Both her presentation of the theory and training on how to logically figure it out for oneself are invaluable. All the details for effective needling make this course a must. I wish I'd found this 20 years ago!

Karen B. (United States)


Susan Johnson

A graduate of the ACTCM, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., has been practicing TCM for over 30 years. She studied extensively with Drs. Miriam Lee and Young Wei Chieh, and teaches Tung's Points internationally.


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