The Nectar of Plants: Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine Series - Course 1

Strength & Survival

Learn to use essential oils to treat the most common respiratory and digestive disorders. This course has all the basics for use and formulation along with a wealth of strategies for keeping the immune system healthy in almost any circumstance.

Josephine Spilka
Josephine Spilka

Course Overview

This course will teach students to use essential oils easily and effectively in a healthcare practice. Chinese medicine principles will be presented to form the basis for discussion of functions and application of specific essential oils in the treatment of common diseases and disorders. Session 1 will feature presentation of the framework of Wei,Ying and Yuan as way to understand Respiratory and Digestive disorders; it will also focus on the special features of essential oils in a Chinese medical practice along with presentation of the tools for assessment, storage and care of essential oils. Session 2 features Wei Qi disorders including the Lung, Large Intestine, with a focus on external wind disorder such as the common cold, bronchitis, fever, etc. Session 2 will also focus on the timeline and strategies for effective treatment of these disorders with essential oils, in addition to ways to build immunity and prevent illness using essential oils. Session 3 will begin the exploration of how we digest the world. Common digestive disorders such as heartburn, intestinal gas and belching, involving the Stomach and Spleen organ systems will be discussed with a focus on healthy assimilation. Session 4 will focus on inspiration and elimination through the Lung and Large Intestine systems. Essential Oils for relieving asthma, constipation, Crohn's disease and Celiac disease will be discussed. Building health inspiration and elimination habits will also be discussed.


  • Articulate the basic theory and practice of using essential oils from Chinese medical perspsective.

  • Discuss the unique properties of essential oils including use of notes, effects on the spirit and their relationship with essence.

  • Cite the properties including nature, taste, channels entered and therapeutic function of 12-15 essential oils.

  • Create an essential oil formula for use in a respiratory or digestive condition.


  • 0 hrs - 30 min

    Introduction to Essential Oils - Theme of Strength and Survival *Framework for Wei, Ying and Yuan: Survival, Interaction and Evolution *Essential Oils as expressions of Wei Qi and Yuan Qi: aroma and essence *Qi as a relationship, Strength as the integrity of the relationship *Survival systems: Lung, Large Intestine, Spleen Stomach *Demands for survival - awakening the Wei Qi

  • 30 min - 1.25 hrs

    Essential Oils - basics characteristics: note, taste/temp, affinities *Notes: base, middle, top - evaporation rates *Storage, quality issues, use issues

  • 1.25 hrs - 2 hrs

    Respiratory Issues – Relating with change *Wind and Change *Survival and Strength; What does it mean to be strong? What does survival require? What is our ability to respond to change?

  • 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs

    Eucalyptus; an esssential oil profile for change

  • 2.5 hrs - 3 hrs

    Strength as an expression of relationship *relating with the body, creating the terrain of relationship, of qi *making the relationship moment to moment *Moving with change, flexibility and strength

  • 3 hrs - 3.5 hrs

    Forms of disharmony: Colds/Flus, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Pneumonia

  • 3.5 hrs - 4 hrs

    Forms of application: Inhalation, Chest Rub, gargle, direct on acupuncture points, bath

  • 4 hrs - 4.5 hrs

    Oils: Wind- Cold: Eucalyptus Globulus, Basil, Ginger, Cinnamon Leaf Wind - Heat: Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Myrtle, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosalina, Ravensare, Thyme Linalool Wind-Damp: Pine, Spruce, Eucalyptus, Fir, Phlegm: Eucalyptus Polybractea, Ginger, Myrtle, Atlas Cedar, Fir, Pine, Spruce

  • 4.5 hrs - 5 hrs

    Formulas: Components – how to make a formula Sovereign, Minister, Assistant, Messenger Dilutions – What does the dilution percentage mean?

  • 5 hrs - 5.5 hrs

    Digesting the World - Health of the Spleen and Stomach systems taking in what the moment is giving you, seeing what is offered.

  • 5.5 hrs - 6 hrs

    Forms of disharmony: Poor appetite, nausea, heartburn, intestinal gas

  • 6 hrs - 6.5 hrs

    Forms of application: Belly rub, gargle, bath, internal intake, direct on acupuncture points

  • 6.5 hrs - 7 hrs

    Oils: Appetite: Coriander, Caraway, Oregano Nausea: Patchouli, Basil Heartburn: Lemon, Myrrh Intestinal Gas: Atlas Cedar, Petitgrain, Orange, Peppermint

  • 7 hrs - 7.5 hrs

    Formulas: Components – How many oils to use Dilution – How to figure out the best dilution for your formula

  • 7.5 hrs - 8 hrs

    Survival as allowing change, letting go: *Lung/Large Intestine systems - vehicles for letting go *Spleen/Stomach systems - assimilators of change and producers of fluid Fluid as the medium for movement, change and flexibility letting go of what you do not need or what isn’t yours

  • 8 hrs - 8.5 hrs

    Forms of disharmony: Asthma, Diarrhea, Constipation, Inflammatory bowel conditions (Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)

  • 8.5 hrs - 9 hrs

    Forms of application: Chest rub, belly rub, back rub, internal intake, direct on acupuncture points

  • 9 hrs - 9.5 hrs

    Oils: Asthma: Pine, Fir, Spruce Diarrhea: Coriander, Constipation: Atlas Cedar, Caraway, Oregano Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Lavendar, Niaouli, Myrrh

  • 9.5 hrs - 10 hrs

    Formulas: Components – Strategies for formulation Dilution – When to dilute and when to use direct


  • tiziano f. (Australia)

    As a Naturopath I am knowing the power of essential oils, I am pleased to learn more of their medical application especially from a practicle knowledgeable clinician.

  • Jennifer P. (Canada)

    Would highly recommend if you are interested in bringing your aromatherapy skills together with your TCM knowledge

  • Thanh-Phong N. (France)

    Great explanation, very usefull et practical for my daily use in clinic and for myself. Josephine is a great teacher and have a great insight in chinese medecine and essences oils.

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As a Naturopath I am knowing the power of essential oils, I am pleased to learn more of their medical application especially from a practicle knowledgeable clinician.

tiziano f. (Australia)

Would highly recommend if you are interested in bringing your aromatherapy skills together with your TCM knowledge

Jennifer P. (Canada)

Great explanation, very usefull et practical for my daily use in clinic and for myself. Josephine is a great teacher and have a great insight in chinese medecine and essences oils.

Thanh-Phong N. (France)

Thank you so very much Josephine, I loved this course and have been looking for a course like this for years! It was just perfect! I have been using essential oils for a long time but have been missing this information and love all of the correlations I have been able to put together within my own learning listening to your vast knowledge of the subject. I am very excited to incorporate the new found information into my existing data base and help my patients using a pleasing and easy form of delivery I know they will love.

Lora G. (United States of America)

Highly recommended.

Deborah S. (United States)

Excellent course to help integrate essential oils into your TCM practice!

Susan N. (Australia)

This is the best continuing education course I’ve taken. I enjoyed Josephine’s energy and found her teaching style to be very helpful. I was able to immediately integrate the information into my practice and see clinical results. Essential oils have really expanded my treatment options because they can be used aromatically and topically making patients more compliant. I love them and I love this course.

Lisa L. (United States)

I highly recommend this course to all practitioners especially if you have an affinity for the spirit and emotional aspects associated with illness.

Kimberly K. (United States of America)

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was full of information and definitely tied the oils to TCM, as promised!

Patricia D. (United States of America)

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the course so far! I plan on taking the next Part immediately. The colorful commentary and your amazing insight into how the organ systems show up is refreshing! I’ve been practicing for 25 years and studied at TAI. Oils are going to fit so nicely where I am on Capitol Hill, no one wants to take the amount of herbal supplements they really need. Very excited to get involved with the forum and learn more.

Allison B. (United States)


Josephine Spilka

Josephine Spilka, M.S., L.Ac., has been practicing Classical Chinese Medicine and Buddhist meditation for over 20 years, and is focused on investigating the relationship with essence in its many forms.


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