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Premio 20 DT Electrical Detection & Stimulation


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Sedatelec was the original developer of the first auricular point detectors (Diascope®, Servoscope®, Agiscop®) and has concentrated all of its skills and expertise in the production of a new generation, with the Premio 20.

The Premio 20DT is a detection and stimulation electrical device for auriculotherapy and acupuncture at the leading edge of technology. Effective, light and ergonomic – it’s an ideal detector/stimulator for the consulting room and for portable use.

Key Benefits:
  • Ultra-accurate detection with direct reading at the tip of the handpiece
  • Simplified use with continuous display of variations in detection
  • Intuitive device with an ergonomic keyboard, visual and audible aids
  • Automatic calibration of point stimulation intensity
  • Ease of use – the Premio 20 is ready to use in an instant
Revolutionary design
  • PRACTICAL: no cable or accessory part to install
  • ERGONOMIC: the first device with direct reading from the ear
  • ACCURATE: 9 level differential detection with LED display
  • INNOVATIVE: frequency wobulation in stimulation mode between 1 and 100 Hz


     Auriculotherapy:  2 programs:

  •    Low impedance (G)
  •    High impedance (S)
  •    Visual and auditory display of the intensity of the detected point
  •    Highly accurate differential detection system (point and environment).
  •    Low (Gold) or high (Silver) impedance detection possible.
  •    Continuous measurement, display on 9 levels


  •    Soft-tipped ERT nozzle
  •    Memorization of the detected skin point with the lowest impedance
  •    Visual and auditory display of the intensity of the detected point
  •    Special «Body» ERT nozzle with soft tip for perfect sliding

Other features:

  • Sufficiently low measurement current not to interfere with the point.
  • Constant measurement electrode pressure on the epidermis.
  • A grounding handle held by the patient isolates the practitioner from the measurement circuit.
  • Direct instantaneous reading of the measurement on the stylet confirmed by an Audible «BEEP».


A simple press on the keyboard without taking your eyes off the point being treated enables you to provide appropriate stimulation:

  • By scanning Nogier frequencies* (ideal for Auriculotherapy)
  • By frequency modulation:
  •    Ascending between 1 and 100 Hz to tonify
  •    Descending between 100 and 1 Hz to sedate
  •    Alternating for harmonization

Other features:

  • Emission of a soft and fast «BEEP» indicating to both patient and therapist that the stimulation is ongoing.
  • Pressing again on «D/T» restarts detection without taking your eyes of the ear which is being investigated.
  • Automatic adaptation of stimulation intensity: no pain or burning sensation.
  • Duration time set by a louder «BEEP» every 30 seconds.

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Made in France.

This device is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labour against any manufacturing defect except for parts subject to wear (cables, probes, batteries etc.), for use in accordance with the user guide. This guarantee does not cover in particular damage due to dropping or crushing, emersion in or spillage of liquids or leakage of batteries into the boxes. Small parts are guaranteed for 1 year.
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