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by John Stan  – 

Since the introduction of the Pranin Organic PureFood supplements here at Eastern Currents, I have been introducing all or a combination of the products to patients. My goal was to see what the additional value in quality of life these whole food supplements would bring to my patients. To no surprise, there has been a marked change in a number of patients who otherwise were doing well, but now report to being “exceedingly well”. A number of these patients already had tried or were using standard vitamin supplements and they all clearly reflected that the Pranin Organics Pure Food products have a much more noticeable effect.

In particular, among the many stories, there is one from a patient I had put on the Pranin B. I chose this supplement for this patient as he had adrenal fatigue, low back pain, slight depression; he had a high-demand job as a lawyer and just enough energy to drag through the day. In TCM terms, he presented with a number of TCM patterns overlapping. The pattern I felt that fed all the other patterns primarily though was a Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency. 

Our acupuncture treatments helped with his pains, and the TCM herbs helped clear deficiency heat for better sleeps, or, depending on the formula, helped with his moodiness. But when I added the Pranin PureFood B into the mix, things changed big time. He came back the following week with a big smile on his face and related to me how much energy he has had since taking the product. He reported his mood improving, he related how he had extra juice to complete his tasks and most interesting of all, he did not feel buzzed by the extra energy.

After hearing his experiences, I put myself on the product out of curiosity. As an aside, I normally do not take supplements and draw all my nutrients from foods and herbs. My general energy level is good, and never felt the need for additional “supplements”. But the fact that these were whole food supplements made it easier for me to give these products a try myself. First thing each morning, I took one teaspoon of A-Z and one scoop of the B using the available scoop in the jar. Right from the get-go, I felt what my patient was feeling: increased energy, but none of that buzz that comes with say, extra caffeine or other stimulants. I haven’t looked back.

My conclusion, based on patient feedback and my own personal experience, is that these products have real clinic value. Try them on yourself and you’ll want to get your patients on them too!

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