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Needle vs magnet in anti aging wrinkle reduction treatments


With the ever growing demand for natural anti aging solutions, women have been exploring new ways to stimulate skin vitality and wrinkle reduction. Over the last ten years, acupuncture has emerged as one of the leading choices for women for anti aging. Practitioners have stepped up to meet this demand by taking courses on the various needling protocols that have evolved to work both at the cosmetic and constitutional level.

One obstacle with needling, however, is that many patients are unwilling to try the process due to fear of needles. In addition to the fact that a practitioner’s patient population is restricted to those willing to be needled, cosmetic acupuncture requires multiple treatments for results to be significant. A final challenge with needling is the constant underlying risk of bruising, which is never a pleasant situation for practitioners to deal with when it happens.

Now, an alternative to the acupuncture needle for cosmetic and skin rejuvenation has emerged and practitioners should sit up and take notice. This new method called Qi beauty, uses the power of a magnetic matrix, which, when placed on the face, is painless and produces visible results during the first treatment. At the core of all Qi beauty treatments is the traditional belief that ageing is the result of energy loss, and therefore only by engaging qi can we stem the degenerative process.

The Qi beauty technique uses magnets and the targeted magnetic matrix to work specifically with qi. The specialized magnets and the applied matrix activates qi in a dramatic way, allowing the practitioner to do qi activation, manipulation and meridian weaving to produce its rapid results.

For acupuncturists, the needle is often the first tool reached for to engage qi. It would only seem natural then that many of the cosmetic and anti aging treatments would involve needling. The Qi beauty system, however, still uses the baseline concepts of qi and TCM, but now offers new ways of thinking about chronological aging and a needleless option for practitioners.

In brief, a Qi beauty practitioner arranges micro-magnets on the surface of the skin, connecting meridians to form a magnetic matrix. The micro-magnets are anchored to acupuncture points and connected to create static magnetic fields of various size, shape and locations. These magnetic fields on the surface of the skin excite deep tissue cells initiating repair of elastic fibers and nerves. The arrangement of the magnetic matrix determines the outcomes a practitioner is hoping to achieve. The real excitement about Qi beauty is that it is not only a cosmetic treatment, but is a therapeutic tool and has been successfully used to treat inflammatory skin conditions, nerve damage, degradation of fibrillar collagens, and natural wound healing.

A well constructed mico-magnet matrix will engage qi to do the following once applied:

  • stimulates skin cells,
  • charge the extra cellular matrix,
  • trigger protein receptors and signal nerve endings to build the energy required for achieving a higher regenerative state.

A practiced practitioner can build a matrix to increase volume, reduce fine lines, and manage skin conditions within 15-20 minutes. A drainage matrix to move fluids away from an area in 20 minutes, and a Bells Palsy matrix or nerve damage matrix can be built in around 20 -25 minutes. 

At first glance of the Qi Beauty treatments, many practitioners often mistake it as only a superficial treatment for cosmetic purposes. The visual portrayal of a matrix in the media communicates a pleasant, luxurious treatment not a treatment capable of exciting cellular respiration of the mitochondria! However, the reality is that a matrix is not a random placement of micro-magnets for surface treatment, it is specific, and is often a combination treatment to treat many underlying causes. 

Another exciting aspect of the magnetic matrix is its ability to stimulate nerves. Many patients with nerve damage due to surgery or conditions such as Bells Palsy describe the sensation as  “feeling like the nerve has been switched on”. Practitioners therefore are known to integrate Qi beauty to hasten Bells Palsy needling treatment results or to impair the proliferation of fibrous connective tissue and abnormal cell morphology.

The length of time a magnetic matrix will remain on the skin depends the goals of the practitioner and patient. For anti aging and skin conditions only 30 minutes are needed. For Bells Palsy, nerve damage, lymph drainage, depending on severity and swelling a treatment may last from 35 to 40 minutes. During treatment, skin volume and bounce is assessed periodically, just as you would take pulse to evaluate qi arrival when using needles. A Qi beauty matrix is adapted for every patient based on assessment and is contra-indicated for pregnancy and those with a pacemaker. 

In the last 40 years here in the west, people have learned the power of the acupuncture needle. Now the power of the magnetic field is being discovered. This exciting treatment option is now available not only for cosmetic anti aging treatments but offers patients new methods for the treatment of deep scarring, skin grafts, nerve injury and chronic skin conditions.

Needle vs Magnet? We say learn to use both and your patients will love you for it.

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