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by John Stan  – 

Planting seeds… ear seeds… for a change in health!

As practitioners, we want to do it all, but sometimes we just can’t. We often see patients in our clinics with multiple problems, patterns and health goals. We triage the complexity of symptoms with the patient to choose our first interventions. The patient may want to have their neck pain dealt with as a primary goal, but at the same time, they may also want to lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better or have some relief from menopausal symptoms. 

Now with the introduction of our newest products we may actually be able to do more. I would like to introduce you to our latest group of “condition specific” ear chart kits for self care. Each kit contains 120 ear seeds to last the patient 4 – 6 weeks, a clearly illustrated graphic image detailing auricular points known for their ability to address the condition, instructions, and stainless steel tweezers – all attractively and professionally packaged

Now, while you work on the patient’s chief complaint, you can recommend these attractive self care kits to address some of their other health conditions or goals. These ear chart kits act as adjunct therapy and empower your patient to take part in their own healing. By following the instructions on the ear chart kit, the patient extends their treatment between visits. This homework strategy helps the patient achieve a wider range of results under your care and as a result, allows your clinic to earn additional revenue. Finally, by engaging your patient in this self-care process, it helps put you and your services at the top of the patient’s mind, leading to an increase in patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals.  

Developed by Elie Goldschmidt, a US based acupuncturist and his wife, Tova Gold,these Ear Seed Chart Kits offer clinics attractive, expanded treatment options and are conversation starters. By displaying the kits in the office, patients will be attracted to the colourful packaging and ask questions about auricular therapy, giving you or your staff the opportunity to educate them. 

Ear seeds into Bling!

While the condition-specific ear chart kits use traditional vaccaria seeds on tan tape, Elie and Tova wanted to generate excitement for auricular therapy. They wanted people to talk, and they wanted to attract a younger patient population, leading them to develop two Swarovski Crystal Kits.

Each kit contains 60 small, but beautiful, Swarovski crystals with a gold pellet placed underneath, and comes in clear or chakra-coloured options. By having these in the clinic, practitioners would be able to offer their patients the option of upgrading from a standard vaccaria ear seed to a gold pellet Swarovski ear patch that would be both attractive and therapeutic. Often patients elect to have one of their ear seed patches to be a Swarovski crystal because of the bling factor. Who could blame them as they are so attractive!

All in all, whether it is the standard condition specific ear chart kit or the colourful chakra-coloured crystal embellished ear pellets, this product line is fun, therapeutic, and provides a whole new set of treatment options for both the practitioners and patients.

Check out the line by clicking here

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